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Official Visit in the Tourist Area in Viqueque and Manufahi Municipalites

20/04/2017 > International

HE Interim Minister of Tourism Art and Culture, Dr. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, on Tuesday, traveled with her entourage, composed of National Director Office, Head Departement of Planning and Tourism Development, Mr. Arnaldo Feritas, Technical Eng.Manuel Sequeira and technicians from the Secretariat State of the Art and Culture and technicians of the National Directorate of Tourism Planning, to the Municipality of Viqueque and the Municipality of Manufahi, accompanying HE Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Eng. Estanislau da Silva, during an official visit to the tourist sites in these municipalities.
Based on the agenda of the activities, the visit lasted about 3 days from January 25 to 27, 2017. The first visit was made to the Municipality of Viqueque, to observe directly the tourist sites like WE'E LULI MANAS MIA WAI, in the Meauai Village, Suco, Uaimori Administrative Post Viqueque Vila. WE'E LULI MANAS - HOT WATER, has 4 wells, consisting of one well that only has hot water, one well of not very hot water, one well of water for health (to cure rheumatism), and also the fourth well of water only for consumption (cooking and drinking).
After visiting We'e Luli Manas, SE Interim Minister, accompanied by HE, Minister of Economic Affairs, in the interaction with communities they talk about the importance of existing tourist sites and the concern of the Communities with regard to Agriculture.
After visiting the tourist sites in Municipality of Viqueque, HE MTAC and the team of MECAE, went to the Municipality of Manufahi, continuing the official visit to the tourist sites in the Municipality of Manufahi where they visited relics of Santo Antonio, Lagoon Mode Mahud. And still with the same activities. SE MTAC accompanied SE MECAE in the dialogue with Communities to listen to the concerns of the communities. The objectives of the visit is a plan of the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with MECAE, to develop a package for tourism area, and also to create conditions for tourists when they visit the tourist sites in those municipalities, by giving training to the community accommodate tourists in the area of hospitality, so to attract more tourists in the future.

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