The children play in the beach of their thoughts and bathe in the sea of their long dreams.
Childhood, Fernando Sylvan

National Day of Culture October 14

09/10/2015 > Nacional

Culture is the manifestation of all human expressions, materials, (works, writings and other physical manifestations) and non-materials, including knowledge, customs and habits, which are acquired throughout life, constantly recreated and passed on from generation to generation. Culture also represents a set of symbols that humans beings share with each other and with which they interpret reality, giving meaning and certain sense to their lives.

The Timorese culture is the identity of its people. Our culture is of an extreme richness and diversity, possessing its own characteristics as well as distinctive forms of dress, eat, think and act.

To celebrate this cultural richness and diversity, as the identity of our country, the Council of Ministers of the Government of Timor-Leste approved the 14th October as Timorese National Day of Culture, on October 21, 2014.

This date corresponds to the date of birth of the late poet Francisco Borja da Costa, who through his poems full of patriotic and nationalistic nature - "Pátria" (the lyrics of the Timor-Leste National Anthem), "O Rasto da Tua Passagem", "Kdadalak" and "Um Minuto de Silêncio" - became an important part of our national struggle liberation.

This year, as we celebrate for the very first time the National Day of Culture, 14th October, there will be contest of poetry, lecture, painting, and launching of two (2) books: "Património Arquitectónico de Origem Portuguesa de Díli" and "As Uma Lulik do Distrito de Ainaro.

Please refer to the above-mentioned activities on the "agenda" of this website.

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