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Arrival, Ruy Cinatti

National Day of Culture October 14

Culture is the manifestation of all human expressions, materials, (works, writings and other physical manifestations) and non-materials, including knowledge, customs and habits,
> 09/10/2015

The Launch of the "The Living Heritage of Communities in Timor-Leste"

On 4 February 2014, the Government of Timor-Leste through of the Secretary of State For Art And Culture in cooperation with UNESCO and the National Geographic Traveler make grand opening for the book launch with the title
> 12/02/2014

Inauguration of new building of SEAC

Inaugurasaun Edifísiu foun
On January 27-2104, the secretary of state for art and culture inaugurated the new building of secretary of state for art and culture at Av.de Portugal, ex. Embassy of Japan.
> 30/01/2014

Participation in the event "Tara Bandu and Nahe Biti Boót"

Serimonia Tara Bandu no Nahe Biti Bot
On 7 July 2013, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes with the team including Chief of Staff, Luis Nuno Fernades Alves, Finance Assistant, Ligia Neves
> 02/08/2013
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Formation "Sanan Rai" in Dair, Likisa District

On the May 27th the State Secretary for Arts and Culture, Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, and her committee were present at Dair, Gugler suku, Maubara, Likisa District, for the opening of formation project “Sanan Rai”.
> 02/08/2013
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Participation in Formation “Tane ita nia Kultura”

On April 5th and 6th the State Secretary, Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes and her team formed by the Cabinet Chief, mr. Luis Fernandes Alves and the media´s responsible Sónia Moura, to Lore Suku
> 02/08/2013
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Inauguration Uma Lulik “Assu Ulun Laumera”

Inaugurasaun Uma Lulik “ Assu Ulun Laumera ”
Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes with the group in the 3rd October 2013 were located to Fatumaquerek, Sub-District Laklubar
> 02/08/2013
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